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Second Chance Apartment, helps individuals with Bad Credit, Bankruptcy, Broken leases, Evictions, and felonies locate quality housing. We even assist first-time renters as well. With years of experience, we have developed special relationships with multiple apartment complexes located in Dallas Fort Worth, and Arlington.     We understand that things happen such as divorce, losing jobs, and health issues. That should not mean you should be denied an opportunity for quality housing.  We will locate and help negotiate your next lease. Many people are not aware of the Discriminatory Laws within Texas or the Fair Housing Act and how they benefit you. We use all of our resources to get your application APPROVED.

  • Broken Lease: If you left a lease or even forgot to turn in your notice to vacate.
  • Bankruptcy: If you have a closed bankruptcy that is troubling you still.
  • Bad Credit: Low credit score from repossession, collections, medical bills, or late payments.
  • Eviction: If you were asked to leave an apartment due to not paying your rent or other reasons.
  • First Time Renter: If you have no rental history.
  • Felons: We can help non-violent felonies(over 5 years old) and non-violent misdemeanors(over 2 years old).
  • Foreclosure: If you had to short-sale, or default on a mortgage loan.

We Provide Our Clients 

  • Pre-Screened list of Apartments that will consider families with background issues
  • Telephone Scripts for calling apartments
  • Advice on getting the best deal and approval
  • Moving resources


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