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Second Chance Apartment List


Application Deposit

Landlords are now required to provide applicants with written notice of their eligibility criteria so applicants don’t pay money to be automatically denied.  Remember, application fees are usually not returned even if the landlord rejects the applicant.  There is one fairly recent exception — if the landlord does not provide or post the eligibility criteria (e.g., income, criminal history)

Check Your Credit

Do your homework first. Visit here to receive a copy of your free credit. To find out If you have an eviction please visit the county where the situation may have occurred. Once on website do a public records search using your name.

How to Call

Always call first, don’t waste time or gas visiting apartments without calling first. Please never ask the apartment if they offer second chance leasing or anything similar to that. Every place has different definitions of what that means.


We are paid a referral fee when our clients lease their new apartment and list 2nd Chance Apartment as their apartment locator. Most apartment locating companies keep this commission; 2nd Chance Apartment shares $50-$200 of this referral fee with our clients in the form of a rebate. 

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